Why is there standing water in my landscape?Handfull of compost

Can or should clay soil be replaced with something different to grow plants in?

How can monitoring the soil increase irrigation efficiency, prevent plant diseases, and save money?

Why should I analyze the physical and chemical characteristics of soils in a landscape?

What happens to soil and plants on sites where recycled water is used?


soil pit2We provide diagnoses, prognoses and recommendations for preventing and managing soil problems that result in a decline in plant health. Our policy is to address the soil as a primary growth factor, requiring direct examination and lab analyses. This is how Baefsky & Associates is able to successfully help our clients manage problems that originate in the soil.



Our clients often struggle with growing plants in sub-optimal soils.  We work with them to improve plant choices and installation techniques for their specific situation. We also have depth of expertise in understanding the impact of recycled water on plant life.  Our recommendations typically include testing soils and water, examining plant material and recommending  plants that are adapted to site conditions, along with appropriate supplements.


Typical services include:Texture

  • Soil pit analysis
  • Salinity & fertility analysis in turf and other plantings
  • Recycled/gray water and other non-potable water management
  • Irrigation management for optimal plant health


For your soil consultation needs, please contact us via phone or email, at 925.254.7950 or treesbugsdirt@gmail.com