Plants Healthy, Safe, Landscape Sustainable?

How are the plants growing & resisting animal pests, plant diseases and weeds?

What are the risks from trees and eroding slopes to persons and property, and what can be done?

Are soil, water & plants interacting harmoniously in the landscape, or are they at war?

What plant diseases, animal pests & weeds are reducing health, safety & beauty in the landscape?


Michael Baefsky’s knowledge about plants and the landscapes is rooted in practical experiences designing, installing and maintaining landscapes. Academic training in soils, water, plants, weeds, plant diseases and ecology included applied research before, during and after finishing a degree in pest management from the College of Natural Resources, at the University of California, Berkeley.  Baefsky is licensed by the State of CA as an expert in plant disease, insect, weed and vertebrate pest problems (Ag PCA #074617).


Most plant problems that Baefsky examines begin in the soil, especially those that lead to death, dying, serious diseases and cataclysmic failures.

Understanding how native soils and landforms are still impacting soil, water & plant cycles is key to managing landscapes & useful for troubleshooting problem areas.

Solutions include matching plants to the microclimate and the water source, and carefully managing the clay to reap its benefits.



Risk assessments of trees involves identifying tree defects, interpreting their likelihood of failing and impacting targets, and correctly analyzing target activity. Professional evaluations are encouraged by certification of tree risk assessors by the International Society of Arboriculture. As Qualified Tree Risk Assessor #WE0222A Michael applies current scientific and professional standards to this important work.

Ornamental and food based landscapes often create conditions where pests thrive. Michael Baefsky’s mission has been to foster higher pest tolerances, creative design solutions, and low risk answers to pest population problems. From biological control to the use of mulches and weed burning tools, as well as reduced risk pesticides, Michael Baefsky has been a leader in applied research, education and implementation of ecological pest, disease and weed management throughout the state.

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