Landscape Professionals

Picture 046We offer customized private  & public workshops for Landscape Professionals.  Everything is based on a site visit and the specific needs of our clients.  All workshops get approved continuing education credit when appropriate.

Our goal is to deliver workshops that are hands-on, practical and entertaining for a fun learning experience for our attendees.  Upcoming public workshops are listed on our blog as they become available.


To learn more about custom workshops, call or email Michael Baefsky at 925.254.7950 or

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Typical topics:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Sudden Oak Death Ecology & Management
  • Weed IPM
  • Yellow Jackets & other Stinging Insect IPM
  • Pesticide Handler Training
  • Living With Gophers & Ground Squirrels
  • Assessing Trees for Health &  Risk 
  • Bees (European Honey Bees, Native Bees, Bee Habitat & Ecology)
  • Soils Fertility including salinity problems and recycled water utilization